Whether you've been ordered by a court or an employer to undergo an assessment or participate in an anger management course, or you simply feel that you're read to take control of your life back, Rising Hope is here to help. We offer comprehensive assessments and several different levels of compassionate, non-judgmental, skill-based education and training (including domestic-violence specific) for managing your impulses and reducing the power of anger in your life.


We use a variety of evidence-based evaluations and personal interviews to determine the intensity and influence of anger in your life. We can make recommendations based on these evaluations; you do not have to choose treatment with us.

Basic Skills Training

The basic skills-training for anger management is a 'jumpstart.' It includes four sessions to help you learn basic impulse control and choice-awareness techniques.

Advanced Skills Training

This option is for those who feel that they need follow-up after completing their first four sessions, or for those who are ordered to a more comprehensive program. 

Domestic Violence Program

This curriculum employs the evidence-based STOP Domestic Violence Program and is specifically designed for those who have engaged in physical aggression or violence.