Holly's Training Experience

EMDR Basic Training

Amy Terrell, LMHC, 2019

Internal Family Systems Therapy

Dr. Frank Anderson, 2019

Healing From the Trauma of Infidelity

Marilyn Verbiscer, MS, LMFT, 2018

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1

Drs. John and Julie Gottman, 2018

Conducting Child Custody Evaluations

Dr. Marc Ackerman, 2018

Eating Disorders & Obesity: Helping Clients Take Back Their Lives

Dr. Shan Guisinger, 2018

Healing from the Bottom Up

Dr. Peter Levine, 2018

Trauma & The Body: an Experiential Workshop

Dr. Daniel Burow, 2018

Trauma & The Body (Somatic Experiencing)

Dr. Daniel Burow, 2018

The ABC's of SFBC: An Introduction to Solution-Focused Brief Counseling

Dr. Catherine Griffith, 2018

The Grief Recovery Method: When Children & Adults Grieve

Margie Ann Neugebauer, MA, LPC, 2018

Dirt Road Counseling: Evidence-Based Interventions for Rural Mental Health Delivery

Tara Fox, MA, & Katye Clark, MEd, 2018

Animal-Assisted Therapy in Counseling, Therapeutic Horticulture, and Wilderness/Nature Therapy

American Counseling Association, 2018

Grief, Mourning, & Bereavement

Dr. Jim Collins, 2018

Trauma in the Native Community

Dr. Darryl Tonemah, 2017

A Day with Russell Barkley: An ADHD Workshop

Dr. Russell Barkley, 2017

Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: the CAMS Framework

Dr. David Jobes, 2017

International Critical Incident Stress Foundation:

Group Crisis Intervention

Assisting Individuals in Crisis

Dr. Daniel Clark, 2017

Trauma Informed Treatment for Children With Challenging Behaviors

Relias, 2017

Attachment Disorders & Trauma

Relias, 2017

Partners for Change Outcome Management Systems

Dr. Barry Duncan, 2017

Psychology & Christianity

Dr. Jaclyn Spivey, 2016

Physiological Pscyhology

Dr. Jonna Byars, 2016

Abnormal Psychology

Bobbie Alley, MA, LIMHP, 2016

Adolescent Psychology

Bobbie Alley, MA, LIMHP, 2016

Graduate Coursework

Psychopathology and Counseling 

Dr. Nichelle Gause

 Diagnostics, Assessment, and Treatment

Dr. Suhad Sadik

 Research Methods

Dr. Jody Pendelton

Tests and Appraisal in Counsel

Dr. Matthew Schatz

Spousal and Child Abuse, Crisis, and Trauma Counseling

Dr. Jocelyn Hamsher

Marriage and Family Therapy

Dr. Laura Howe

Psychopharmacology and Addictions

Dr. Pat Bogash

 Human Growth and Development

Dr. Bonnie Slater

Human Sexuality, Aging, and Long-Term Care

Dr. Korey Hawkins

Counseling Skills in the Helping Relationships

Dr. Aaron Hallstrom

Social and Cultural Diversity Issues in Counseling

Dr. Lakeisha Boggan

Group Counseling Theory and Practice

Dr. Tricia Chandler

Introduction to Addictions and Substance Use Disorders

Dr. Cassie Rushing

Counseling Theories

Dr. Vaun Williams

Career Development and Counseling

Dr. Kenneth Hall

Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethics 

Dr. Kendra Stewart